Innoplast Loyalty Rewards Program ILRP Terms & Conditions

Participants will earn (1) point per dollar spent on Innoplast merchandise (excluding freight, shipping, GST, taxes, etc.).  Points may be redeemed for items in the ILRP Product Catalog, including BollardGard products.  Returns, changes or order cancellations of any kind will affect the Participant’s point balance accordingly.

Enrollment period and point balance will be determined at time of enrollment.  With the exception of any enrollment specials, Participants will receive points for purchases made during the quarter in which they enroll.  Example, Participant enrolls in March, they will receive points for all account purchases made during the 1st calendar quarter, and all purchases following enrollment.  Participants enrolling in April would receive credit for all purchases made in the 2nd calendar quarter, and all following purchases.

One participant per Innoplast account may be enrolled in the program at any given time.  Participant must complete the “Opt-In” form on our website and agree to all terms and conditions.  It is the Participant’s responsibility to redeem products from the catalog in compliance with his/her company’s policy, if any, regarding receipt of gifts from Innoplast.  Innoplast products are included in the Catalog so that any customer may participate in the program and earn valuable reward items.

Program points are assigned individually to the Participant.  In the event of termination or other Participant change of responsibility within their company, Innoplast can transfer Participant points to another company representative.  There is a 20% point balance penalty for re-assignment, and the Participant assignment may only be changed once per quarter.

ILRP is administered by a third-party affiliate (“Reward Provider”).  By completing the Innoplast “Opt-In” form and agreeing to the terms and conditions, Participant also agrees to the “Reward Provider” terms and conditions as stated on the ILRP/Reward Provider website (online rewards catalog).  Please review this carefully for special instructions on certain items.

Reward item point values in the catalog include the cost of shipping to the US and Canada.  Participants with a Canadian shipping location will be enrolled in a more limited catalog.  Participants with shipping locations in Hawaii or Alaska may have higher shipping costs on some items.  If applicable, any additional shipping costs will be shown as additional points required in your redemption shopping cart.

Applicable sales tax on redemption items is paid by Innoplast.  Any additional Federal, State or Local Taxes imposed for awards received are the responsibility of the Participant.

Participants may purchase additional points from Innoplast, in order to reach a certain redemption level or to pay additional shipping costs.  Participants may do this one time per year, and participants are limited to a 20% increase in their current point total.  Additional points may be purchased from Innoplast at a cost of $7 per (1000) points.  Participants are encouraged to “earn” points rather than purchase points as it is a better value for the Participant.

ILRP points do not expire.  ILRP and the Reward Provider will maintain product selection to the best of their ability, but some changes do occur.  Catalog items availability and point values may change without notification.  Points have no cash value and are only redeemable for rewards through the ILRP.  Innoplast reserves the right to cancel the program without notification.

Participant’s Innoplast account must be maintained in good financial standing in order to enjoy active participation in the ILRP.  In the event of a past due balance with Innoplast, the Participant’s enrollment in the ILRP may be terminated and the Participant’s rewards points will be revoked.  Cancellation and points revocation is determined solely at Innoplast’s discretion.

All ILRP reward item redemption, shipping, expediting, processing, returns, etc., are administered by the Reward Provider and are governed by their terms and conditions.  Their customer service contact information is available on the Reward Provider website.

All reward product warranty claims are serviced by the product manufacturer and require strict adherence to product warranty registration and other applicable manufacturer policies.