SlowStop Polycarbonate Guardrail For Impact Recovery – 4 Meters

SlowStop Polycarbonate Guardrail For Impact Recovery – 4 Meters

  • One piece, Flexible Polycarbonate
  • No bending equipment required for curves
  • Impact recovery for warehouse protection
  • Energy Absorption – 12,500 lbs. without permanent deflection
  • End caps and bollards sold separately

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Virtually Unbreakable Guardrail

All new from SlowStop, Flexible Polycarbonate Guardrail for attaching to SlowStop Bollards to create virtually unbreakable barriers.

Withstands an incredible 12,500 pounds of force without any permanent deflections. Returns to original shape again and again after impact. Lightweight for easy installation, it can even be used to form curves. Hardware for attaching to SlowStop Bollard is sold separate. Rails are recessed to allow overlapping of multiple lengths.

Injection Molded in one piece and colored yellow throughout, this safety rail eliminates maintenance painting and resists bending and denting.

End caps available.

Each section of rail covers 4m. Custom cuts available. Call for an engineered solution.

  • Product name:SlowStop®Polycarbonate Guardrail – 4 meters
  • Dimensions (US): 13” Length x 14” Height
  • Material:Flexible Polycarbonate
  • Weight:40 lbs.
  • Energy Absorption:12,500 lbs. without permanent deflection
  • Mold:One piece – Injection Molded
  • Color:RAI 1023 Safety Yellow
  • Flexible:No bending equipment required for curves
  • Warranty:2 year manufacturer warranty

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 156 × 14 in