Park Sentry Column Protectors Round Plank – Black (3/Carton)

Park Sentry Column Protectors Round Plank – Black (3/Carton)

  • 1 carton fits up to a 24” diameter round column
  • Can be installed in single or multiple layers
  • Available in Yellow or Black
  • Sold only in full cartons of three
  • Straps sold separately

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Park Sentry Round

This column protector easily wraps around virtually any-sized round column, from small to extra-large. For easy installation, the panels are secured to the column using adjustable reflective cinch straps. Or, for extra security Sentry’s exclusive strap-locking buckle can be used.

Custom fit Park Sentry® Round by adding column protection panels for larger columns or cutting them using the cutting guides on the back of each panel. Multiple column protection panels are connected using the integrated tab and slot system.

Park Sentry Round is 1” thick and can be installed in single or multiple layers to increase collision absorption. The round column protector is available in two standard colors – high visibility Yellow and Black.

  • Product name:Park Sentry Round Plank – Black (PSR-045-B-CTN)
  • Measurement:(3) each 1” (34mm) thick x 27.6” (702mm) wide x 39.3” (1m) tall
  • Material:Specifically engineered ARPRO®material; 100% recyclable material
  • Accessories:Straps sold separately
  • Material color:Black
  • Warranty:30 day limited warranty on all products with regard to manufacturing
  • Where is this made:Made in USA

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Park Sentry round installation is easy. Just follow the steps:

  1. Measure the column.
  2. Cut the Park Sentry panels if needed to fit the column. Cut the panel on the slot side to keep the tabs intact.
  3. Connect panels, if necessary, using the integrated tabs and slots.
  4. Wrap with the adjustable reflective straps and pull tight against the column. If using the locking cinch buckle, snap the lock shut.
Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 6 × 40 in