Helix Lock (4536HL)

Helix Lock (4536HL)

  • Hidden locking system & clean look
  • HDPE safety yellow removable bollard
  • 4.5” standard diameter provides a strong visual deterrent
  • Shatter resistant

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HDPE removable bollards are a light-duty vehicle deterrent built to enforce traffic control. Our line of Deter-a-post bollards are easily removable and provide a flush surface. Bollard Warehouse removable bollards are lightweight with a durable galvanized ground sleeve and filler piece that is resistant to corrosion.

These removable bollards are designed to withstand vehicle impact as well as to minimize the vehicle’s damage. Unlike polyvinyl chloride (PVC) bollards, HDPE bollards won’t shatter when struck, which otherwise could be a dangerous side effect.


  • Hidden locking system & clean look
  • Physical barrier that minimizes vehicular damage when struck
  • Durable & light-weight HDPE (high-density polyethylene) bollard post
  • Maintenance free
  • Shatter resistant – will not shatter like PVC
  • Heavy duty galvanized ground sleeve and filler piece
  • Flush surface when post removed


  • Post has .391” minimum wall thickness
  • 36” post height above finish grade
  • Post has 4.5” outside diameter
  • Galvanized ground sleeve has .3125” wall thickness
  • Product name:Helix Lock (HL-4536)
  • Diameter:4.5” outside diameter
  • Height:36” post height above finished grade
  • Wall thickness:.391” minimum wall thickness HDPE
  • Base:Galvanized ground sleeve has .3125” wall thickness
  • Material:HDPE/Steel
  • UPC: 649906608936
  • Bollard Colors:yellow
  • Where is this made:Made in USA
Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 36 in