I’m sure you’ve heard of bollard covers or even BollardGard for that matter but do either of those terms leave you with more questions? Check out the Q & A below to get a better understanding of what BollardGard is.


What is BollardGard?


BollardGard is a HDPE bollard cover manufactured and distributed by Innoplast. Bollard covers are installed over steel pipe bollards to provide a clean, sleek look.


What is HDPE?


BollardGard is made from HDPE, which stands for high-density polyethylene. HDPE is a thermoplastic polymer made from petroleum. It is a very versatile plastic used for many applications such a milk jugs, recycling bins, and even grocery bags. The #2 label on the bottom of plastic items means it is made using a high-density polyethylene.


How is BollardGard made?


BollardGard is made in six steps using a special blow molding process using 3 ingredients: natural resin, re-grind, and color.


What does the production process entail?


The materials are mixed and heated then extruded into a hollow tube, also known as, a parison. A bollard cover mold closes around the parison, holding it in place. Once the mold and parison are secured, compressed air is blown into the parison, which inflates and fills the mold with the resin. After the mold is filled, the product is trimmed on each end and removed from the mold. After removal the product is ready for the final stage of production- quality control.


How is BollardGard quality checked and what are some things we look for?


Quality check may be the most important step in any production process. There are numerous things that set BollardGard apart that we need to get right during production. BollardGard is always checked to ensure the correct color match, wall thickness (1/8”), opacity, weight, length, and bow. Contamination can occur causing specs or streaks in the color, soft spots or water spots. If contamination occurs the product is recycled and used again.


How is BollardGard installed?


Bollard covers are easily installed by simply slipping them over existing bollards. Secure them in place using our patented 3M adhesive Gripper Tabs.


What if I don’t have a standard size bollard?


If your bollard is between cover sizes, such as 5”, we offer an alternative foam installation. Foam installation is thicker than Gripper Tabs and will take up any additional space between the bollard and the cover providing a snug fit.


What sizes do BollardGard covers come in?


We offer a wide variety of diameters, lengths & styles. Standard reflective covers are available in 4”, 7”, 8”, 11”, & 13” diameters. Round top covers are available in 4”, 7”, or 8” diameters. Decorative styles are offered in 7”, 8”, & 11” diameters. Square covers are available in 6”. Lengths range from 39” to 72”, but custom cut lengths are available for no additional charge.


How can I purchase BollardGard?


You can purchase directly through the Innoplast website or call 800.516.9287 to speak with an Inside Sales Representative. We also have over 100 distributors and can ship throughout the US and internationally. We have shipped to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico & recently, Japan.